Why the Neanderthals went extinct.

Apparently the Neanderthals never really went away; DNA evidence shows they intermarried with the humans who left Africa. That’s how westerners got our lighter skin, and straight hair.

But have some of their thinking habits lingered too?

Part of what makes human beings different, is the capacity to look back on where we came from, and then make reasoned guesses about where we’re going, by extrapolating into the future. This capacity for reflection, and reasoned thought, gives people an advantage over the creatures who operate mainly by instinct. Why are these abilities so neglected and despised?

As a retired seventy-four year old, one becomes distanced from ordinary life, and orientated more to the spiritual. This is normal for my stage of life.

Still living in today’s world though, it’s alarming to see our leaders so focused on day-to-day consumerism, while they coldly downplay the risks to humanity’s future.

There’s still a lot of wisdom to be found in the Bible, and one of the most famous accounts from the Old Testament comes from Egypt, when Joseph interpreted the Pharaoh’s dream which predicted the seven fat years and the seven lean years. This was long-term thinking for those days, and it paid off.? Centuries later though, people remain trapped in their economy’s boom and bust cycles, incapable of looking beyond that.

Wisdom seems in short supply these days, and it’s scary.