The Gathering Clouds

Things look increasingly bleak for humanity at large, as democracy–once hailed as the great liberator–is manipulated and subjugated.

We see this most clearly in the debate over the use of fossil fuels. Deposits of coal, oil and natural gas are the legacy of millions of years of life, before mankind was ever seen on Earth. It’s a wondrous treasure. However during the industrial revolution the inventors discovered how to use these deposits for fuel, and this proved a real game changer.

Scientists have known since the nineteenth century that burning coal releases heat-trapping gases such as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and effectively changes the climate. The over-use of fossil fuels has become a growing menace. However, the special interest groups spent millions in disinformation campaigns. Today, wealthy democratic societies such as Canada, the U.S. and Australia are accelerating development of their coal and oil deposits.

Libraries and schools are everywhere in today’s world, yet the kinship between man and beast has never been more apparent. In the natural world it’s only common sense for predators to consume their downed prey before moving on to new targets. For us, though, this instinct has become highly dangerous.

Today as the Arctic opens up, oil producers cast voracious eyes on the last great preserves of fossil fuels. They know full well that accelerating climate change brings disaster to millions of people living in equatorial and coastal regions; however, there is no thought of changing their ways until the fossil fuel reserves are used up.

Has anyone ever thought that future generations might have a different use for these reserves? That is, other than fuel?

Well one obvious use would be in fending off the next ice age. Likely though, the future generations will be a lot more inventive than that!

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