Justin Trudeau in difficult times

Donald Trump’s recent victory sent shockwaves worldwide; it seems incredible that after the recent agreements to act on climate change, the U.S. presidency has fallen into the hands of a denier.

According to American journalist Chris Mooney’s The Republican War on Science, the anti-science skeptics in Congress are mainly sponsored by big business, or they’re part of the religious Right. However Donald Trump doesn’t appear to belong to either of those camps.

In a later work, Unscientific America, Mooney portrays a nation where huge numbers have simply drifted away from science. Apparently 80% of the population can’t understand the science section in the New York Times. And, only half the adult populace knows the earth travels around the sun once a year.

Trump seems an energetic and intelligent person, who’s been deeply involved with his various businesses. Like so many of his countrymen, he just never bothered to read much.

One day soon Donald Trump is expected to visit Canada, where Justin Trudeau will be his host. This is a great opportunity for exchanging ideas. Could local scientists demonstrate the heat trapping properties of greenhouse gases in the lab for the distinguished guest?

However things play out, Trudeau must be reflecting on his father’s situation, almost fifty years ago. In the 1960’s the Americans were engaged in a fierce civil rights struggle while they survived the Cuban missile crisis and went blindly into their Vietnam hell. Not much has changed, and Canada has to maintain an independent stance.

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