Jill Stein, voice of decency in a dark era

Much of the world is watching the coming U.S. election at this moment, as momentous issues are involved.? I’m hoping for Clinton, because the other candidate is such a loose cannon.

In an ideal world though, the U.S. would move away from the rigid two party system. Years ago Ross Perot seemed to have a good chance. His accomplishments, courage, integrity, and intellect were outstanding, and if people had heeded his warning of the “giant sucking sound” of jobs leaving the U.S. things might be different today.

Jill Stein, the leader of the Green Party, is another excellent third party choice.? I happened to see an interview of her on Bloomberg a couple of days ago, but it’s gone now. There are other interviews of her around, though. One good one is at vox.com.

In my opinion one of the main weaknesses in today’s American democracy, is that often the best candidates are routinely ignored by the dominant media corporations. Jill Stein is not just a physician, she’s a brilliant thinker who approaches the major world problems in a bold, clear-headed way that is absolutely refreshing.

In Canada right now, the government is considering bringing in a voting system that would ensure more proportional representation, so that voters who prefer one of the smaller parties are not squeezed out. This might work for the U.S. too.



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