the great debate

It looks like rough waters are ahead for the U.S.

Apparently many of Trump’s supporters refer to him as their “god-emperor,” and he does bring back memories of the Roman emperors.

Not that this means total disaster if he gets into power.? However it might well dent some of the favorable image and good will still enjoyed by the Americans.

One thing that really struck me was Trump’s position on fossil fuels. If the U.S. does disengage from the world-wide agreement on limiting atmospheric pollution, this will be ruinous for their public image.? Already the white English speaking people are notorious because on a per capita basis, we are the very worst.? At the same time, our countries are among the wealthiest, and best educated.? It behooves those born with a silver spoon in their mouths, to give something back to the world, and not lead the way into catastrophe.

The English speaking peoples have overcome great challenges, and done amazing things.? They are very capable of meeting this challenge also, and leading the way with the Green Shift, just Canada’s Liberals once advocated.? There is no way this would mean loss of jobs.? The need for energy will not go away, how could it?? All that is needed, is for the coal miners and oil men to go to work on geothermal, solar, wind, etc. etc.? It looks like the technicians creating superior types of storage batteries are doing their part, so there’s reason to be optimistic.? However it takes considerable will power on the part of our leaders to make this happen.





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