Canada’s new regime

Clearly this is a time of great change for Canada.

The election result came as a surprise, as the New Democrats started off with quite a lead. Tom Mulcair remains an outstanding leader; however the lengthy campaign seemed wearing. Justin Trudeau showed great reserves of energy, and he only got stronger over the long haul.

It’s a mistake to make assumptions based on a party’s brand, and the Liberals have now outflanked the NDP on the left.

One of the refreshing things about Justin Trudeau is his turning over considerable responsibility to the many outstanding ministers in his cabinet. Modern nations are complex, and it’s impossible for one person to cover all the bases.

Unfortunately the previous prime minster seemed driven to control everything in sight. Most people are not all-knowing, and he was no exception; rather than relying on the nation’s specialists though, he denigrated and muzzled them. His conflicts with the Supreme Court Chief Justice and the head of the Nuclear Safety Commission left the impression he had a special aversion to females with expertise.

Did these personality traits underlie his urge to transform Canada into a petro state on the Middle Eastern model, a land of strong religion, strict morality and authoritarian government, where the economy is simple, and foreign temporary workers are brought in as needed?

Hopefully these issues can be left to the historians. For now at least Canada is on a more positive path.